ACQ5 Awards – An Honour Granted to Select Organisations & Professionals

The ACQ5 annual awards program recognizes organizations that have achieved beyond exceptional commercial success in their designated area of expertise. Since 2005, the ACQ has acknowledged organizations worldwide, celebrating their achievements, milestones and innovations through their annual award programs.

The award is only presented to professional sector organizations that have demonstrated quality and excellence in their respective fields, as well as those that have consistently made generous contributions to their local economic growth in the last 5 years.

Each year, ACQ5 seeks the help of world-renowned industry leaders, exemplary teams, influential professionals and esteemed organizations – all of which represent the pinnacle of best practices and achievements in their respective disciplines.

Guided by the results of the polls, individuals and organizations that have had the most influence and impact within their industry over the last 5 years are duly honored. And, before handpicking winners, ACQ5 studies the nominations made by voters very closely and acknowledges that all the organizations or individuals that were nominated are leading forces in their sectors.

At Not Just Bookkeeping, we happen to be among the few organizations recognized for their performance and quality services – an honor and privilege that we are proud to have. Earlier this year, we won the Best Practice Operator of the Year (Accounting Services) award at the ACQ5 Country Awards 2020.

Moreover, we’d also like to give a special thanks to all our supporters and particularly to our respective ACQ5 Members!

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